New Christmas Robin With Engraved Oak Artwork

This handmade stitched Robin is a classic Christmas decoration sat on a personalised oak branch with your choice of words with option of frame.

This little fellow is one of those gifts that once designed could sit around all year round and not just the Christmas season' Robins appear when lost loved ones are near' was designed for a friend.

Little Foundry think our little Robin Redbreast is too cute to be put away with all the other decorations so we decided to offer an option to frame him and keep him close for every day of the year.

Our little friend is handmade, filled with polyester stuffing meeting necessary essential safety requirements,

We then designed a 2 dimensional wooden oak branch which captures your choice of words, be it baby's first Christmas, a memorial Robin or simply something that you just love to gift.

For Someone Special...
For Someone Special...Wife/Girlfriend
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Christmas Robin With Engraved Oak Artwork

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