Standard Inkless Hand And Foot Print Kit
Our inkless hand and foot print kits are simple to use, completely safe and do not create any mess at all! 
Our print kit includes larger sheets of paper than our economy and baby print kit in order to capture larger than baby/toddler size hand and foot prints.
Your kit includes:
  • 2 large size sheets of sensitised paper to capture your hand and foot prints (21.7cm x 28cm each sheet - US 'letter' size 8.5' x 5.5')
  • 1 inkless wipe towelette to wipe of your baby/child's hands and feet
  • 1 detailed instruction sheet on how to take your print
Your prints can be used as a special memory of your child's hands and feet of when they were so small.  They can also be photocopied to create other keepsakes.  Our customers have created jewellery, mugs, clocks, stools, tatoos, invitation cards and many other truly unique gifts featuring hand and foot prints taken using our print kits.

Ordering Process:

Once your order has been processed, we will send your inkless print kit for you to take your prints. Full instructions are provided within your kit.  

See our delivery information for more details - if you do have a special deadline, please contact us after ordering. 

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For Someone Special...New Baby

Standard Inkless Hand And Foot Print Kit

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