Inkless Hand And Foot Print Kits

Our inkless print kits make a very affordable and easy way to capture prints of your baby, child or entire family's hand and foot prints to keep forever.  And it doesn't have to stop there - the prints can be used to make gifts for the whole family or friends - we offer a range of quality unique gifts on our website for all occasions.

We offer two print kits - the Eternal Impressions Baby Print Kit which includes an exclusive £5 gift voucher to redeem on our on-line products or our standard print kit.  Full instructions are included in all our kits.

The paper, from any of our kits, will go through any standard printer for you to add your own borders or text as desired. The prints may also be scanned onto your computer for personal use.

Please note - if you are buying one of our items featuring hand and/or foot prints, then you will be automatically sent your inkless print kit - you don't need to buy one separately to take your prints.

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Standard Inkless Hand And Foot Print Kit

Our inkless hand and foot print kits are simple to use, completely safe and do not create any mess a..


Baby Print Kit

The Baby Print Kit includes everything you need to take your little one's hand and foot prints easil..