March 2017 - A New Chapter for Little Foundry... March 01 2017

Little Foundry is a successful business that began in 2009, creating personalised gifts for family and friends.

Eight years on, we are delighted to take the reins for its NEW chapter, creating bestselling personalised artwork for new babies, birthdays, weddings and interiors.

Ultimately we are passionate about creating beautiful gifts along with our other business Each gift is carefully made, and we have lots of new ideas for more personalised gifts, where you will get the first sneak peak on here, so watch this space!

Meanwhile although Little Foundry is new to us, we are very much in the best of hands, the already talented team of Illustrators and Artists will ensure our 'keeping up' will be a smooth one.

Although can you see that maybe somethings are left best for the experts to contine, well at least we tried!

I'll stick to the 'new' design ideas....Sarah & Richard x